Thursday, March 15, 2012

Pizza Party!

Our class won the Pizza Party for selling the most items in the Fall Fundraiser.  We will be celebrating on March 22.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Two Weeks Till Spring Break!

With just two weeks away till Spring Break, Kindergarten will be busy, busy.  The end of third quarter is just around the corner, so we will finish testing for report cards this week.  Mr. Illusion is coming tomorrow for an assembly to commence  the end of our Reading Program.  Of course, we will have to celebrate St. Patrick's Day on Friday the 16th.  In addition to all that, we will continue to work on short e words, addition, subtraction, money, tally marks, maps and symbols, sight words and writing. You have probably noticed more writing coming home in their folders.  We are working on dictation, however I am also encouraging them to start writing their own ideas.  This is difficult, however I have already seen a lot of great writing and am very encouraged that we will have many great writers.  Kindergarten is nearing the end and we are working hard at getting ready for first grade.  You should be very proud of their progress, as I am.  They have come along way and have worked very hard to get there.   

Monday, March 5, 2012

Lidiya Goes to Des Moines

Lidiya was chosen along with three other students from Washington to have their art showcased in Des Moines.   We are so proud of Lidiya!!

Pablo- Student of the Month

-Pablo Fraga truly “listens with his heart.”  He is kind, tender-hearted, compassionate and sensitive to the needs of his peers.  He relates to lessons about helping others and constantly states that he will  “be nice” to everyone, which he is!  Pablo is truly generous with his heart and his a good friend to all in his class.  

Halloween Readers

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Jefferson County Park-

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Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween on PhotoPeach
Thanksgiving Feast on PhotoPeach