Monday, October 18, 2010

What We Are Working On!!

We have been working on the letters S, M, T, and R.  Each child is expected to be able to identify each letter, produce it's sound and write the uppercase and lowercase letter for each one.  We have been working on reading the hi- frequency words: my, see, I.  In small groups, we have been building sentences and working with sentence structure.  Our goal is to make students aware that sentences begin with capitol letters, end with a period and that we read left to right.
In Math, we are working on patterns, beginning story problems, and learning about numbers 1-20.  We are counting our way to 100 days of Kindergarten!  We will have a party to celebrate that day.
Things you can do to help your child:
1. Read  every night to your child.
2. Have your child read to you.
3.Practice writing numbers.
4. Practice writing and reading color words.
5. Recite Nursery Rhymes.

Things coming up:
Reading Program had begun! Please return your slip.
Parents for Pastries- October 22d
Jefferson County Park- November
Halloween Parade through Washington School

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