Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What To Expect In December

In December, we will be working on several things in math.  We will begin by extending patterns and using shape templates to create patterns.  We have a lesson entitled Rudy Reindeer which we will use pipe cleaners and cereal to solve problems, create patterns and use beginning addition and subtraction.  The addition symbol will also be introduced.

Small Group Reading have really taken off.  Several groups have worked on Reader's Theater and writing during this time.  Instruction is varied to meet the group's needs.  Students in each reading group are reading at their own level and will be responsible for sight words learned in small group as well as other decoding skills needed in order to being a good reader.

We have introduced to the whole group the letters: M, S,T, R, H, N.  Children are responsible for producing each letter sound and being able to write the uppercase and lowercase letter.

We are finished learning about Pilgrims and turkeys and are now going to be learning about caribou and reindeer.  Of course, we all know that reindeer don't fly unless they are Santa's special reindeer. 

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