Monday, October 17, 2011

Note from Mrs. LaVan, Computer Teacher

The kindergarten classes at Libertyville and Washington are doing great and I am enjoying time with them!  I wanted to pass along to you some of the terms and techniques we are using with the laptops.

 When using the trackpad we talk about using a real light touch.  We have practiced a touch on our arms, a touch with one finger, that is so light that it almost tickles.  We transfer that light touch to the trackpad. 

We use "bunny ears" to scroll, instead of using the scroll bar.  Bunny ears amounts to two fingers (separated like bunny ears) on the trackpad.  Bunny ears down to scroll down and bunny ears up to scroll up.  Also a very light touch. 

To quit a program we are practicing the keyboard shortcut. While  holding down the command key, they tap the "q" key one time.

To shutdown the computer, they press the power button once and then press the return key.

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