Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What We Are Working On!

This week, we have been working on writing our numbers 1-5.  We will continue working on proper formation into next week and practice counting out objects.  Shapes and patterns will be our focus for a while. We are reading a poem called, Cindy Circle.  This poem will be added to their Poetry Journal. 
In reading and writing, we are learning the color word red.  You may hear your child singing the red song.  They love to yell, "STOP!" in the middle of the song. We practice writing the word red on our mini whiteboards. 
Today, we talked about the kinds of books we like to read.  Pablo likes to read books about chameleons and Makenna likes to read books about princesses.  We decided that good readers know what kind of books they like to read. We will be having several conversations each week on what good readers do!
In the mail this week our butterflies should arrive. It will  be exciting to watch our caterpillars change and grow to become butterflies.
The District Math Inventory was taken this week.  This test is taken three times a year.  As teachers, we measure each child's growth in math concepts such as: geometry, data analysis and probability, measurement, algebra and number operations.  We use the test to determine areas of weakness in students and in our curriculum.

The Red Song- (Three Blind Mice)
R-e-d, r-e-d
I like red. I like red.
Red is the color of signs that say, "STOP!"
Wagons, apples and strawberry pop.
I like red. I like red.

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