Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dan Wardell From PBS Kids!!

The kids were so excited when I told them that Dan Wardell from PBS kids was coming to our school.  Most of the students knew him from television.  So, it was like having a celebrity pop in. Dan gave an exciting presentation about turning off the television, using your imagination, going outside to play and of course, reading.  The whole school, including staff, got engaged as he had us acting out the story, Rumble In The Jungle, by Giles Andrea.  The students were memorized by his high-energy performance.  I absolutely loved it! I found out  that a few of my students had seen him at the Fairfield Public Library this summer for story-time.  Later that evening I was able to listen to him speak at the Jefferson/Van Buren  Iowa Reading Association.  He spoke about his travels during the summer to reach out to communities to help libraries with their summer reading program.  He is in high demand and I can definitely see why.  He has a true passion for children and helping kids live a healthy life.

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